Monthly Archives: March 2011

The story so far ….

I have a small back garden and an even smaller front garden, also an allotment, all of which were woefully neglected while I got on with finishing my MA and beginning my Ph.D. last summer and autumn. Between the nasturtiums that ran wild and smothered almost everything and the truly appalling winter weather, I lost most of my herb plants in the back garden. The rest of the garden was temporarily engulfed in rampant lavender, and I forgot to prune the quince and the fig tree during the dormant season. It’s a bit of a jungle out there right now.

Meanwhile, in the front garden, last summer I fought a running battle with an exciting selection of perennial weeds, such as green alkanet and annual mercury. I did finally remove most of them but haven’t got around to devising a new planting so at present I have drifts of self-seeded sidalcea, some Shirley poppies and, yes, some more of that green alkanet re-emerging.

Of the allotment, let us not even speak at present. Now that the better weather is returning and I am more settled in my new study routine, I am returning to the fray and reclaiming my growing spaces.

And that is what this blog will be about.