Beercan Chicken Jubilee – the Folkestone way

I’ve had a yen to do try out Steven Raichlen’s recipe for Beercan Chicken on the barbecue grill ever since I first came across it. What can I say? I like amusing flashy things like that. With a long weekend in view, I decided the time had arrived to try it out.  So while the Thames Pageant made its way down the windswept river I was in my windswept garden, grilling. I took photos, so here is a short photo essay.

The basic ingredients – a chicken, some ginger beer

The ingredients for smoking the chicken – maple chips were probably not robust enough for the job but they were all I had. Chips were soaked in half a can of ginger beer, topped up with water. My lovely assistant was unimpressed.

Preparing the can, part 1

Preparing the can, part 2 : add two tsp basic barbecue rub to the can

Preparing the bird by rubbing it with two tsp basic barbecue rub. Not a pretty sight

The prepared chicken – front

The prepared chicken – back

Firing up the grill. Yes, it was raining

My lovely assistant was faintly disbelieving by this time

Frankly, so was I.  It was wet out there

Bird ready to grill, and looking very rakish

Adding the smoking chips

Putting the chicken into position

The lid is now firmly in place, and yes, it is now pissing down with rain

The reveal … and yes, I do look slightly smug

My lovely assistant was deep in denial by this time

In all its smoked and grilled glory

Ginger beer can clearly visible

Side view


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